Montalan 29th, Year 887 (New Imperial Calendar)

I burst into the waking world facedown in a filthy alley and my first thought was “I suppose the rumors about the Duke’s wife must be true” . As the nightveil of fog from whatever drugs they slipped me lifted, my second thought was that a dog was licking my hair – the sorriest, mangiest cur you’d ever have the displeasure to meet. Yesterday I was hunting sable fox with pureblood Straben Racing Setters, and now this!

Stumbling to my feet the vile hound rubbed it’s slimy, matted fur against my leg and I was too dizzy to even spare the mongrel a kick at first. It got bored and wandered off as I regained my faculties. Luckily for it.

Graltontown. Of course it would be Graltontown. Where two slack-jawed locals having a slobbering contest was considered height of elegant society. The Duke is going to pay and pay dearly. All that he has will be brought to ruin. I will rain destruction down up the Duke and his family until he’s on his hands and knees begging for mercy. No mercy will be forthcoming.

Walking out of the alley I found a public fountain and washed up – with many of the locals staring agog at my finery like gasping decapitated fish heads. After cleaning from my dress as much alley-muck as I could, I took some time to walk around town and get the lay of the land. I found what passed for a fine lodging in a sty like Graltontown and used the bulk of my funds to get a room for the night, a passable meal – steamed octopus with roasted apples and a ravenberry tart – as well as a bottle of fine wine. A good use of my limited funds – having cheated death I need to replenish myself.

Before I turned in for the night I made a visit to a nearby temple where I swore before the Gods that I would be avenged on Duke Eaglevane and all his cronies. An oath well sworn.

I fell into a deep drug-fueled sleep and dreamed of vengeance.

Funds: 1 Gold , 1 Silver

XP: 0

Inventory: Noble’s outfit (100 gold) , Signet Ring , Stiletto

Revenge List: Duke Eaglevane

The Journey Begins Again

Once upon a time there was a woman named Ela. Maybe. She lied a lot and was cagey about her real name. She was the favored companion of Duke Eaglevane himself! When the Duke’s wife got jealous, Ela found herself drugged and left in an alley in far away Graltontown, a cultural wasteland far removed from the bustle and bluster of the ducal seat. Day by day Ela worked towards her revenge. Then two years later she died. It was a stone cold bummer.

But scientists think maybe if we pretend real hard there’s all kinds of other universes out there. Maybe that Ela didn’t get her revenge but that doesn’t mean there aren’t more Elas out there working on it in different times and places.

Enter the Ela-verse!

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