Montagem 1, Year 887 (New Imperial Calendar)

I slept late again but not as late as yesterday – progress! If I know anything it’s that you can’t be too hard on yourself. I intended to skip breakfast to save money but I woke up famished so got myself a mango and a tankard of rich, dark ale. I resisted the temptation to pull a fast one on the morning clerk again, the only reason I risked it the first time is I didn’t think I would be coming back to the Vermilion Dragoon .

I was lost in thought when I realized as I was sucking the mango pit that everyone in the common room was staring at me with unadulterated letchery dripping out of their eyes. Men can make anything sexual, the filthy apes. I was disgusted but I wasn’t going to let these hoople-heads deny my the sweet, sweet juices of the mango. I locked eyes with one of these yokels and slowly, luxuriously took my time draining all the liquid out of the mango core. After a minute his face turned red as a demon’s hinders and he ran out of the Inn. Men are such simple creatures.

I first set out to find Piltis and his swinish minions, I figured it was best to deal with these small timers rather than risk running afoul of someone more dangerous. I offered them 4 silver to work in their territory and plied them with the most outrageous flattery. Piltis snatched up the coins like a filth-encrusted rat grubbing at crumbs and looked enormously pleased with himself. I closely observed his lackeys, I’ll have to find the weak link there.

I spent most of the day singing on the streets and brought in a “good” haul of silver. One of these clay-eating honyockers even recognized Katherine’s aria from the Invincible Overlord. I was so impressed I lifted the map case he had on his belt which contained a quill pen. He’s no better than he should be.

At day’s end I returned to the Vermilion Dragoon for the final time and had a dinner of Cheesy Mutton Stew, Sausage Pie, and Coffee-infused Pixie Legs with a fine bottle of wine. I was going to find cheaper accommodations so I decided to treat myself.

After eating I spent several hours going around to the markets and drinking-holes chatting up the locals again. I still wasn’t able to find any information about a morally flexible alchemist but I did scope out the local brothels and was able to get some general information about the vice racket in Graltontown.

I was exhausted after all that work so I decided that one more night in the Vermilion Dragoon wouldn’t hurt – for sure tomorrow I would find a less pricey place to stay. I was surprised and dismayed to find a letter waiting for me. The only people who could know I was here would be Duke Eaglevane’s bagmen. Cautiously I opened the letter and found that it was unsigned – at the bottom was just a symbol of a white rose. It made oblique references to a mutually beneficial arrangement and requested a meeting at a general store called Ground and Potter at nightfall in three days.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Funds: 36 Gold , 20 Silver, 6 Copper

XP: 0

Inventory: Peasant outfit (with hidden pockets) , Signet Ring , Stiletto , Cheap necklace, Map case, quill pen, mysterious letter

Revenge List: Duke Eaglevane, Piltis Swine, Rince Electrum

Behind the curtain: I’ve been rolling for downtime events even though Ela as of yet doesn’t have any buildings or an organization. One hit today so I rolled on the Thieves’ Guild table and got the Big Heist result. It wouldn’t make sense for anyone to be recruiting Ela like that so I went for the mysterious letter instead.