Montagem 3, Year 887 (New Imperial Calendar)

I’ve always suspected that I would hate having a room-mate and I was correct, as I usually am.  I was startled awake as surely as if I had been doused with a pail of cool water by an assault from whatever vile concoction Alice was brewing up.  I think it may have been pepper soup with pepper and pepper and more pepper.  If this is what she eats I don’t see how she can have any taste left at all.  Not to mention my dress was alive with cat fur, I think at some point in the night the furry beast climbed up it and curled up in the bosom. 

Leaving abruptly, I made my way to the market square and purchased a common, yet fetching, red riding cloak for my journey into the woods.  Next I found a woodsy-looking fellow loitering outside a tavern and convinced him to show me the way to the alchemist’s retreat with little more than a wink and a smile.  Something tells me this fellow hasn’t had much in the way of female attention in his countrified life. 

Everything was going well until a massive wolf leapt out of the undergrowth and ripped into the poor fellow like Margavine Josephine Janna ripping into an herb-roasted goat rump at a Saint Sluicing  Day feast.  When the wolf turned to me and spoke I knew that it was no wolf but rather a worg.  It declared its intention to eat me up in three bites, which I took as a compliment about my slender figure.  I was able to talk him out of it by offering to bring him more tasty morsels to eat at a later date.  A talking wolf is obviously do pretty well by wolf standards but he didn’t seem that bright by human reckoning – probably about as witty as the mayor of Graltontown. 

I pushed my luck a little by asking him to show me the rest of the way to the alchemist’s refuge but I was able to convince him of that as well.  Although I did have to wait while he dined on the woodsman.  I looked away from the grisly scene of course but the snapping and gulping was quite displeasurable to hear.  Before we started off I helped myself to the woodsman’s possessions – a wooden flute, some carving tools, and a surprisingly large stash of coins.      

A worg of his word, I made it to the alchemist’s odd structure late in the day.  It seemed to be half falling down shack and half madman’s ironworks abutting a much scorched and abused looking tree.  His name was Eedraxis and he looked like an alchemist from a stage-play come to life – gaunt and wild-eyed with wispy white hair, wearing little more than a greasy apron and striped trousers. 

A disagreeable fellow to the core,  I was nevertheless able to purchase some candlerods, dreamer’s star tea, and a poison ring.  I tried to talk him down on the price with (sincere) promises of future business and by reasonably pointing out that he couldn’t have a lot of business given his locale but my arguments fall on deaf ears.  Perhaps literally, this fellow appears to have been in a couple explosions unless I miss my mark.

It took quite a bit of coaxing to let me stay the night in his bizarre hovel but there was no way I was going to try and make it back to Graltontown with night coming on.  I was given a strange waxy feeling blanket and a spot to sleep in the loft while Eedraxis tinkered and slurked with his odd smelling mixtures all throughout the night.


Funds: 24 Gold , 29 Silver, 11 Copper

XP: 800

Inventory: Peasant outfit (with hidden pockets) , Signet Ring , Stiletto , Cheap necklace, Map case, quill pen, mysterious letter, red riding cloak, wooden flute, artisan’s tools (woodcarving), candlerod (5) , dreamer’s star tea, poison ring.  

Revenge List: Duke Eaglevane, Piltis Swine, Rince Electrum, nameless mumblemouth watchman, White-Muzzle the worg

Behind the curtain: The random encounter I rolled was with a worg warrior 2.  I’ve never had an issue with experience being awarded for “defeating” encounters without combat but I’m realizing now that it doesn’t necessarily make sense.  The CR of a creature is based on its combat ability so it doesn’t seem quite right to give the same XP for tricking an opponent that’s easily tricked.  But I suppose the GM has the final control on that anyway.  I may need to figure out something there since the only real way Ela has to earn XP is with social interaction. 

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