Montagem 4, Year 887 (New Imperial Calendar)

I slept surprisingly well considering I was in the hut of a mad alchemist.  I suppose that’s a bit redundant, seeing as all alchemists are mad.  Eedraxis responded to my attempts at morning conversation with little more than grunts so I decided to be on my way.  He had some scrumptious looking meat pies on his table but eating anything an alchemist prepared seems like a poor idea so I left with a rumbling stomach.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I was quite apprehensive about making my way through the woods back to Graltontown.  But there was nothing for it.  As my grandmother always said “when you’re in bed with a bugbear there’s nothing to be gained by delaying, just get it over with and have some cake after”.  

My fears about finding my way through the woods were unfounded, I just had to follow my nose, Graltontown being the fragrant place that it is, but my fears about encountering something dangerous were fully realized.  The trees were beginning to thin out when I heard the pounding of feet and was suddenly and appallingly confronted by half a dozen stark naked tribal types, their bodies painted with crude blue lines.  They leapt about me like wild chimps, shouting and brandishing their crude weapons. 

I figured the best case scenario was they would just ravish me instead of dashing my brains out and feasting on what flowed forth from my skull, but after scaring the life out of me for a minute they ran off into the woods.  Who can say why these primitive types do anything?

Once I got back into town I walked around for several hours trying to regain my composure.  On the list of things I would have never thought possible feeling relief to be within the confines of Graltontown would have been high on the list.  I suppose that I, of anyone, should know that you can’t be sure what twists life will take. 

I had some oxen and hard cider at a place called the Silver Flagon, which I am confident has no such dinnerware.  The meeting promised by the letter was to be tonight and I was resolved to go.  It’s a terrible risk but I can’t play it safe if I’m to have my revenge.  I returned to the crone-seamstress and after a king’s ransom of brow-beating I managed to convince her to let me borrow one of her better dresses, but not too fine. 

In my borrowed dress I was able to hire two “bodyguards” to accompany me on this errand, semi-competent looking thugs that could maybe be trusted not to immediately run if trouble broke out.

Ground and Potter turned out to be more of a trading post than a general store, a small storefront that was dwarfed by an adjoining livery stable that appeared to be empty.  I was met by the appraising eyes of a small plump fellow with a wicked grin behind a counter and his tall lively looking friend with impressive mustachios standing nearby.  They seemed to approved that I had backup with me but also didn’t seem the least concerned.  There was also a dull-looking half-orc by a door to a back room who stood like a statue and didn’t do anything the entire time.

They introduced themselves as Ramal Davos and Gremag, which led me to wonder idly what had happened to Ground and Potter, and smoothly deflected all my questions.  They said they had an employee named Recutio who was caused them some minor issues and they wanted me to get rid of him.  Playing the innocent maiden would be a waste of time with these two so I said instead that I was no assassin.  They said they were sure I could come up with some way to fix their problem.  When I asked about pay they said this was to “prove” myself and promised more rewarding work in the future. How many times had I used that very line on some chump! But there’s no reason to burn bridges right off the bat so I told them I’d see what I could do. 

They gave me a very fine black dress as a “show of good faith”, or rather it would have been very fine without Ramal’s grubby fingermarks all over it.  I took my leave, dismissed my guards, and returned my borrowed dress to the crone,  as well as selling her the new one for a decent price.  I should probably learn her name one of these days.  

I retired to Alice’s loft after a dinner of cheap wine and a terrible dish of blue snail and goat cheese.  She made no comment on my absence last night.  What a selfish narcissist. 


Funds: 48 Gold , 21 Silver, 6 Copper

XP: 800

Inventory: Peasant outfit (with hidden pockets) , Signet Ring , Stiletto , Cheap necklace, Map case, quill pen, red riding cloak, wooden flute, artisan’s tools (woodcarving), candlerod (5) , dreamer’s star tea, poison ring. 

Revenge List: Duke Eaglevane, Piltis Swine, Rince Electrum, nameless mumblemouth watchman, White-Muzzle the worg