Montagem 11, Year 887 (New Imperial Calendar)

I stifled a groan as I woke, stiff as a board after sleeping on the ground like a poor person.  Felix (as I learned the man’s name was) looked like he had been up for hours, his wounds were cleaned and bandaged and the camp was mostly broken down.  I prevailed upon him to skin the worg so I could present it to my “sick father” as proof that his son’s death was redressed. 

He complied and as he split the beast open a necklace spilled out of the creature’s slippery guts.  Felix didn’t seem to notice and I snatched it up deftly before he could, although I was loathe touching the grotesque thing, covered with entrails as it was.  Shortly thereafter he presented me with the awful skin, which I didn’t care to handle, but he was already burdened with the armor and weapons of his dead companions. 

Even with that encumbrance he insisted on tracking the worg back to its lair, which seemed foolish to me but he found a small hollow not that far away where the creature had stashed some valuable items.  I guess I had discounted that as an intelligent being the worg would be interested in such things.  Felix took most of it but he handed me a stack of coins that would have been a godsend to a real peasant girl with a sick father and a dead brother, as well as a wand, saying he had no use for it.  I spotted six ironbloom mushrooms nearby which I picked. 

We made our way back to Graltontown about mid-day and went our separate ways.  I was able to sell the worg-hide to a noble who fancied himself a hunter, passing it off as a genuine werewolf pelt.  I sold the mushrooms to a dwarven cook, I dislike those grubby bearded little fools but their money spends.  I found a marketplace huckster who knew a little legitimate magic that was able to identify my wand as casting the Light spell.  He led me to a buyer as well and we split the funds.  I was tempted to keep it, although I don’t know why since I know nothing of magic.  I found a jeweler to buy the necklace as well – it was quite fine and I had a hard moment before being able to let go of it.

I paid a visit to Piltis to give him some “tribute” and flatter him, he seemed to have no recollection of the night he had me dragged before him.  I felt him out a little about the possibility of enlisting his crew for a scheme more interesting then forcing beggar-boys to make candles but he clearly thought such things were not a woman’s providence so I dropped it. 

I spent the rest of the day trying to dig up more information on Recutio and making sure my little rumor-fires were still smoldering. I paid for a week at the Cardshire and treated myself to an extravagant dinner with a quality wine.  Who knew murdering forest beasts could be so financially rewarding?


Funds: 486 gold, 25 Silver

XP: 1000

Inventory: Peasant outfit (with hidden pockets) , Signet Ring , Stiletto , Map case, quill pen, red riding cloak, candlerod (5) , dreamer’s star tea (4 servings) , poison ring, awful pendant, disguise kit (8 uses) , Fashionable Accessories, hollow heeled boot, poison locket

Revenge List: Duke Eaglevane, Piltis Swine, Rince Electrum, watchman Gridley, White-Muzzle the worg, Percy Ringle the butler , Alice Kinsey , “Patch”

Rumors : Murderous servants (40%) , exiled noblewoman (20%)

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