Macendamandel 24, Year 887 (New Imperial Calendar)

Today is the last day of the Clash of Champions and hopefully also my last day in Heathgrove.  Before I go I need to take care of some loose ends.  I had heard that after the events of the Achila-Mazzmus fight Ardala had had shameless thrown herself at the twisted alchemist – I guess she’s smart enough to know which way the wind is blowing.  This gave me an idea. 

With my cap and my disguise kit I was able to put together a convincing Ardala masquerade – it took much longer than seducing Gyor Hurk and making sure we were seen all about town carrying on.  After removing my disguise I found the real Ardala and told her that she should probably leave town because Mazzmus may have a reason to think she had cheated on him.  She gave me the most hateful look imaginable – that’s what I get for trying to be helpful.

After that is was a simple matter of waiting for the fireworks to begin – the good news about having somewhat invulnerable enemies is when they fight each other it’s going to go on for a while.  As Mazzmus and the Hurk boys battled it out in the “town square” I had my hired goons keep an eye on things while I went to the Hurk household.  When Momma Hurk opened the door I opened by stabbing her in the belly with Achila’s spear.  I’ve never really done anything like that before but I was able to get the job done. 

She toppled to the floor, gasping desperately at her slippery, blood-slicked stomach as I stepped over her and went to the kitchen to sample the stew she had been working on.  Not half bad.  For peasant food.  I dumped the steaming contents on her face and chest and dropped the pot.

“I played out all manner of horrible torments for you Mrs. Hurk.  In my mind I’ve done thousands of horrible things to you.  In the end I decided that the best way to get revenge on you would be to kill your boys.  I thought about it a lot, how to incapacity them, how to kill them – I had plans involving special poisons and blessed blades and all sorts of exotic accoutrement.  But in the end I just don’t have the time and energy for all that so I decided to simply kill you.  I think that’s what my new life is teaching me.  Dead is dead.  It doesn’t many how.  I schemed for months against Piltis and in the end I just had him killed.  There was never going to be much satisfaction there – like with you.  You and he are just like a stone in the road you trip over – there’s no point in making a royal case out of the stone, you just toss is aside and move forward.  Duke Eaglevane will be different of course, but there’s no need to make a big production out of everyone that crosses you.  I think that’s what I’ve learned.  I hope your last moments are thinking about your boys Mrs. Hurk – and how they’re going to burn in the fires of the Thirteen Hells for all eternity.” 

I stabbed her in the throat and that was that. I searched the house assuming that the Hurk boys must have some loot from their gladiating but there was nothing much of value – they must spend it all as soon as they get it. 

Back at the site of the melee Domick Hurk was the only one still standing.  Jeb and Gyor were still alive thanks to my gifts but they were mangled like a rabbit ravaged by worgs.  Mazzmus was also beaten to a pulp and my thugs had him their gasp.  I tried to saw his head off with my dagger but that worked about as well as you’d imagine so in the end I had Airulf decapitate him with his battleax.  I wasn’t sure if that would kill these devilbound folks so it was good to learn that it works like a charm.  We tossed his body to the eels and then cleaned out his tent.    

As we were returning home Kellgale’s goon with the magic sword came to arrange a meet with her tomorrow.  Turns out Bellflower had won the tournament and we needed to divide up the purse. 

I knew it was going to be a good investment. 


Funds: 1382 gold

XP: 20,744

Inventory: Peasant outfit, wooden box, Signet ring, Ring of Many Garments, thieves’ tools, land deed, Bag of Tricks (rust), gold ring, Cap of Disguise, Secure Pocket, candlerod (9), masterwork dagger, succubi carving, Disguise kit (6 uses), Domiel family ring, walking stick, aquamarine, masterwork playing cards , +2 Studded Leather Armor, +2 Light Steel Shield, +1 Keen Shortspear, hematite armbands (2), mithril hair clasps (3), Sir Humperdinck memoir, Mazzmus’ Wand (unidentified), Brooch of Shielding, Potion of Invisibility (3), Oil of Animate Dead, Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (2), spinel and peridot holy symbol of Kralten, platinum necklace, pouch of magic stones, flask of acid (2), alchemist’s fire (2), giant wasp venom (10), oil of taggit (2), alchemist’s kit, formula book

Revenge List: Duke Eaglevane, Piltis Swine, Rince Electrum, watchman Gridley, White-Muzzle the worg, Percy Ringle the butler , Alice Kinsey , “Patch”, Heroes of the Lost Sword, Claire Conrad, Erist priest of Strider, Riselda owner of the Sage Mirror, Eedraxis,  Skin-Taker tribe, Kartak, Królewna & Bonifacja Trading Company, Hurmont Family, Androni Titus, Greasy dreadlocks woman, Lodestone Security, Kellgale Nickoslander, Beltian Kruin the Splithog Pauper, The King of Spiders, Auraluna Domiel, mother Hurk, Mazzmus Parmalee

Rumors : Exiled noblewoman (Reoccurring), vigilante “Litheria”(Reoccurring), murderous Halfling (Reoccurring)

Souls Damned to the Thirteen Hells – 9/10 (16 days remain)

Teams – Labors, Brute Squad (Robbers and two teams of Soldiers)

Graltontown Buildings – Mill 

Heathgrove Buildings – House

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