Montresor 28, Year 887 (New Imperial Calendar)

I suppose the good thing about being dumped on the outskirts of the Scar by traitorous sky-horses is that at least I won’t get lost now.  All I have to do is keep the scrub on my right and the grasslands on my left and I’ll be headed north.  Right?  Of course if I remember correctly the Scar is reputed to be infested with gnolls and various other deadly monsters.  So I have that to look forward to.  In the capital there were these religious nuts who would shuffle through the streets flagellating themselves and ranting about the sins of the world.  One day when I was out shopping one of them grabbed me with a dirty rat-claw and said that I would be made to pay for my decadence and wickedness.  With all the bad luck I have I could almost believe that it was the result of divine providence.  Almost.  I wonder if he’s still in the dungeons under Duke Eaglevane’s palace. 

The land around the Scar looks like a semi-arid desert so you’d expect it to be blazing hot but it’s actually somewhat cooler here than out on the plains.  Nevertheless I noticed myself drinking more water than usual – maybe looking at a terrain that seems dry makes you feel thirstier.  The mind is a slippery thing, you never know what it’s going to do.  It’s somewhat frightening when you have time to think about it – madness could overcome you at any time and then you’re just done.  You spend the rest of your days thinking you’re a marmot or something like that.  What kind of god would allow that?

I didn’t see any gnolls, thankfully, I didn’t see much in the way of anything other than greasy looking plants covered with thorns.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a place so empty of life.  Not a bird or a bug even.  One wonders what the gnolls eat to survive.  Assuming they even are any gnolls, the Scar is the kind of place that gets people spinning up all kinds of tales.  Ask any tavern storyteller and they’ll draw you in close and explain how the Scar leads to some kind of underworld where everything is backwards – elfs are sadistic demon-worshippers, dwarves are greedy slavers that can grow to the size of giants, spiders walk like men and humans are naught but slaves.  Imaginative nonsense. 

Walking this quiet lands though it is somewhat humbling to think that once a mighty river ran through here and that it was the seat of a powerful society.  Now just dust and prickly cactus.  I suppose I could draw some kind of comparison between the Scar destroying Halwel county and my current predicament – sudden downfalls and all that – but I shall not. 

A day passed in uneventful travel.  In the right direction for a change.  I think. 


Funds: 9,863 gold

XP: 59,003

Inventory: Ring of Many Garments, Bag of Tricks (rust), Cap of Disguise, Secure Pocket, Resplendent Diplomat’s Palette, Secure Paypack, Skeleton Key, Brooch of Shielding, Pouch of Magic Stones, Masterful Grey Gloves, Black Marketers’ Bag, Biting Bracelet (Endless Ammunition), Boots of Escape, Bracers of the Glib Entertainer, Ring of Animal Friendship, +1 Falchion, +1 Greatclub, +2 Commanding Light Crossbow, Headband of Alluring Charisma +2, 4 potions of unknown wickedness, Manual of Quickness of Action, Bracer of Fire Resistance (10), Spear of Piercing Thunder

Signet ring, noble’s outfit, candlerod (9), masterwork dagger, succubi carving, Domiel family ring, walking stick, masterwork playing cards, spinel and peridot holy symbol of Kralten, diamonds (14), silver crown, waterskins (7), trail rations (8)

Potion of Invisibility (3), Potion of Spider Climb, Potion of Eagle’s Splendor, Potion of Jump, Potion of Reduce Person 

Silver ring, gold bracelet, gold and pearl pendant, gold ring, platinum necklace (2), mithril hair clasps (3), 4 small diamonds

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