I got lazy and stopped updating this page a long time ago – if you want to send me a list of all the characters I’ll write you into the story as a beggar that Ela makes a rude comment about!

Duke Eaglevane – Ela’s former paramour, future mutilated corpse

Brigid Kildare – Super old and mean but kind of nice actually, war veteran, seamstress

Piltis Swine – Boss of the Hog Boys “gang”, deceased

Longshanks – Piltis gnome minion

Harsh – Piltis minion , torturer

Lamb – Piltis minion , Kostelos outcast

Rince Electrum – Lazy guardsman with a terrible actress wife

Alice Kinsey – Former maid to the Leadyheads, current maid to the Galways

Teresa Maria Kinsey – Alice’s niece, prostitute

Sirus Kinsey – Alice’s doofus nephew 

Teire Gridley – Jerk guardsman with pretty wife, confessed to banditry

White-muzzle – Worg (deceased)

Unnamed woodsman – Deceased

Eedraxis – Exiled alchemist

Ramal Davos – Fat “businessman”

Gremag – Ugly “businessman”

Unnamed half-orc – Ramal and Davos’ minion

Recutio – Courier, fled town presumed dead

Leadyhead family – Upper class types, fled town in shame

Percy Ringle – Snooty butler, so just a normal butler I guess

“Patch” – War veteran turned “adventurer” turned murder victim

Felix – War veteran turned adventurer

Emmalina – Alternate persona , lawyer , one missing now triumphantly returned

Augrim – Halfblood woodsman

Galway family – Upper class types, not yet discredited

Bern – Wizard in some kind of beef with Ramos and Gremag

Shalla – Bern’s attractive apprentice

Kostelos – Related Barbarian tribes

Lord Sonst – Destitute nobleman

Wirc – Merchant who just came to town

Ox-Head – Leader of a Red Bone Kostelos band

Tolman Goodwill – Halfing owner of the Hound’s tooth and dog-breeder

Hidden Moon – Lady worg

Erist – Priest of Strider

Heroes of the Lost Sword – Murder hobos (aka adventuring party)

Risela – Owner of the Sage Mirror

Juliana – Watch sergeant

Edrena Miranda – Fortune-teller turned hedge wizard, son was killed by Piltis

Phora – Merchant

Mags – Cook

Belskar – Mercenary (deceased)

Yalis Belko – Minor crimeboss, accountant/fence

Lord Gatz – Master of the Skin-Takers, deceased

Lazarov – Master of the hunting lodge near Gevudan

Irda Palus – Influential courtesan

Countess Maritska Ostland – Escaped from the hunting lodge

Wolcott Chester – Leader of the Gevudan cattlemen, not well liked – deceased, disgraced

Kent Richard – Leader of the Gevudan lumberman, very well liked – disgraced, fled town

Gilthur Trueblood – Leader of the effort to remove Kinley from office, part Kostelos – arrested under suspicion of demon worship

Quinine Staymoore – Hunting lodge stablemistress, guide – survivor of the battle with the Skin-Takers

Elth Belker – Runaway farmer’s daughter

Malin Hurmont – Priestess of Kralten, murderer of travelers

Ajo Hurmont – Woodsman, murderer of travelers

Unnamed Hurmont Boy – Neutered  son of Malin and Ajo

Estera Solajo – Woman trying to start a new life after tragedy

Ambro – Annoying cuckold

Andsome Cornelio – Duke Eaglevane’s third cousin

Claire Conrad – Owner of the Cardshire Arms, jerk

Armin Alento – Noble dandy

Vorifio – Maybe a fence, maybe a moneylender, maybe both

Deveris – Mayor of Graltontown

Beauharnais – Mayor’s aide

Androni Titus – Drunken lovesick guardsman

Crookjaw – Ogrekin outcast

Madrie – Maid for the slaughtered Voculan family

Adawen – Another maid for the slaughtered Voculan family

Whilhye – valet to Lord Voculan , murderer

Wickter – Voculan family chef, murderer

King of Spiders – Flamboyant/insane crimelord

Paracountess Adelslexikon – Hysterical robbery victim

Kel Bryebane – Captain of the Graltontown City Watch

Stek – Brawny common gal

Vendriana Leisaro – Too tall lawyer

Alethéia Gridley – Watchman Teire’s wife

Auren Minty – gnome assassin

Edlund – Blue collar ruffian, wife was killed by Piltis

Kellgale Nickoslander – Conwoman, rival

Waycombe and Axmar – Private investigators

Beltian Kruin the Splithog Pauper – Former pirate current smalltime crimeboss

House Wardsmeadow – Fanciest rich folks in Graltontown

Wera – Whoremonger, consort to the King of Spiders

Auraluna Domiel – Dusty old bag of bones, was once beautiful and charming ?????

Unknown – Creepy Halfling butler with a razor

Vivian Jess – Actress, kind of famous, saved from certain death

“Poor Annie” – Demonic notary, takes the form of a large black dog

Oney – Member of Ela’s Brute squad

Heresia – Brute squad lady-goon

Hecuba – Heathgrove madam

The Hurk Brothers – Damned gladiators

Bellflower – Half-elf gladiator

Trixa – Bellflower’s manager

Moma Hurk – Violent harridan, deceased

Mazmuss Parmalee – Gladiator groupie/perv, alchemist – decapitated with extreme prejudice

Achilla Thel – Gladiator, killed Mazmuss’s son – super dead (it was awful)

Ardala – Gladiator, object of Mazmuss-lust

Reda & Ancin – Former goons, fired to letting Ela get stomped

Rilfus Slugg – Organizer of the Clash of Champions

Unknown dude with gold-chains and hairy chest – The real backer of the tournament, probably another dang crimeboss

Sir Humperdinck – Drunken lout, used to be cool (allegedly)

Reby Skycloak – Sir Humperdinck’s squire by family tradition